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Djembe Drum Full Size



Full sized authentic African D'jembe Drum ( Approx. 23" tall with 11"-13" head ). Available from a variety of different west African countries. Drums are made in Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Senegal. Deep, rich, and loud bass tones: the sound can be heard for miles in quiet African bush country. The music of the African Djembe drum is an African trademark. Professional quality instruments that serve as astounding home decorations as well. These drums are popular in reggae and other cultural music productions. In West Africa nearly all ceremonies are accompanied by the timeless and distinctive melody of drums.
Each drum is unique. Designs on base vary. Drums may or may not have hair. No drum is perfect; but all full size Djembe drums are checked for:

Head ring tightness
String tightness
Level and even head
Sound quality
No holes in head
No significant imperfections in wood base or bowl
Fist size opening between bowl and base
The wood used for Djembe drums varies depending on the country where it is made.

Drums from Senegal are typically made with Demba or Teak wood., and are relatively heavy.

Drums from Ghana are normally made from Tweneboa (African Cedar) wood, and are very light.

Durms from Mali, Ivory Coast, and Guinea are made with Lenre or Linke wood, and are relatively light.

Drum heads are made from goat skin.

Djembe Drum Full Size

SKU: AZ-M-M010
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