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Dudu-Osum Virgin Hair-Gro Cream
Item Code:M-S118

Testimonial:"I am satisfied with my recent, order of the Herbal Hair Cream. Its texture I found to be right for my hair. Does not leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy." - Theresa from Reading PA

Dudu-Osum Virgin Hair-Gro Cream

  • Dudu-Osum Virgin Hair-Gro Cream

    Amazing blend of African Herbs for hair growth and conditioning. Provides excellent high sheen, conditioning and moisturizing, revives chemically damaged or over processed hair, helps stop dryness and breakage, excellent for all styles: texturized, permed, curls, natural locks, etc.
    Directions: To promote growth: use special Dudu-Osum natural shampoo to cleanse/unclog chemical build-up from the scalp, to enable hair roots/follicles to receive Virgin Hair-Gro cream nourishment. Pat hair, apply and massage into scalp. Daily Use: Massage into scalp and hair, style as desired. 5.25 oz. (149 grams). Product of West Africa Callyco-NIA IMO, Nigeria. M-S118
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