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Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottle

Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottle.

Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottle

SKU: AZO-120i
  • Not just another perfume bottle.
    Behind the wall of Fatimid Cairo is an area called Gamiliya where the glass blowers of Cairo Egypt create exquisite works of art. Glass art (bottles, plates, and jewelry) have been found as early as the new kingdom (1550 - 1070 BC) in ancient Egypt. The glass blowers today are inspired Pharonic, Roman, and Islamic shapes, styles, and colors. Each bottle is individually mouth blown of Pyrex glass, colored in 18 kt. gold accents applied.

    Store your fragrances in elegance. Enjoy the heritage of ancient Egypt, and at a price anyone can afford. 3"-4" tall. All styles vary.




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