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Large Batik Bone Handle Salad Set

Large Batik Bone Handle Salad Set

  • This hand carved salad set has batik bead handles. Hand carved salad sets with matching salad fork and spoon: each 11" long. Hand carved and painted bone handles add a richness found nowhere else. The batik bead is very popular in many African art work pieces as well as jewelry. Made in Kenya Approx. 11" tall A-WC679

    Wood care

    Always hand wash wood utensils with soap and warm water. The harsh detergent and heat in the dishwasher will wreck the wood in just a few cycles.
    Dry wooden spoons with a towel instead of letting them air dry. Residual moisture from washing will get absorbed into the wood, causing the wood to swell and crack over time.
    Once a month or so, rub in a little mineral oil with a soft cloth and let it sit for a few hours. Mineral oil is a food safe product that won't go rancid the way olive oil or other cooking oils would. It gets absorbed quickly, leaving wooden handles smooth but not greasy.
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