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Mud Cloth Scarf/Sash
Item Code:C-A200

Testimonial:"I am most grateful for the gift of a mudcloth scarf/sash. I call it a gift because the cost is a such a low price." - Lydia from Southfield, MI

Mud Cloth Scarf/Sash

  • 'If the rhythm of the drumbeat changes, the dance-step must adapt.' This 'go anywhere, wear with anything' sash of genuine Mali mudcloth gives your customers all the flexibility they need. No two designs are identical and you can't specify which color or design you want, and each spirited piece makes a unique statement of pride. Wear it as a scarf, a sash - imagination is the limit! Free form and feminine, it looks great on any figure. 6" wide and 50-60" long. C-A200
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