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Sahara Clay Hair Treatment & Facial Mask
Sahara Clay Hair Treatment & Facial Mask


Sahara Clay Hair Treatment & Facial Mask

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  • Baka Beauty's Sahara Clay is an Original, 100% natural clay hair cleanser, facial mask and relieves Arthritis when applied to joints or painful areas. This 15 minute treatment is a natural wonder. It is an excellent deep cleansing treatment for locks and all hair types. Sahara Clay can be used to deep cleanse hair and skin. The all natural clay extracts impurities from hair and skin leaving a clean, smooth finish. It can also be applied to arthritic areas to relieve pain, especially on the joints. Sahara Clay is: Hair deep cleanser (especially good for locks) Skin cleanser-makes a wonderful facial mask, clears up acne Sahara clay is great for penetrating locks and hair because it deep cleanses like no shampoo can and leaves no residue. Use periodically to leave your locks squeaky clean. The clay will never unravel formed or mature locks. It is a deep cleanser which removes impurities from the hair and skin, deeper than soap or shampoo. It is not harmful to the hair and can remain on the hair with heated moisture (heating cap) for up to 1 hour. Without a heating cap it can remain on the hair until the clay begins to dry. Then rinse and condition. Used after the Natural-Laxer, Sahara Clay is a finish to the process that further enhances the relaxing effect and smooths the hair. Sahara Clay can safely be used on ALL HAIR TYPES. It provides a deep cleansing and will make white, gray or blonde hair brighten. Sahara Clay is a Natural Shampoo, facial cleanser, and arthritic reliever. As a facial mask, Sahara Clay will deep cleanse the skin, leaving a smoother appearance. Clears Acne. Safe for all hair types. M-288 Ingredients 100% Sahara Clay. The Sahara Clay is an all natural clay directly from the dry desert earth
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