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Wudu Snood (Grey)
WuduSnood (Grey): The Towel You Wear!

86 x 45 cm

Wudu Snood (Grey)

SKU: AZ-61994-SI
  • Don’t dry... don’t do sports... Don’t do fitness.. don't swim... don’t camp...don’t travel.....without WuduSnood!

    "A brand new accessory for Muslims to Dry with after Wudu"

    It is a scarf + hood in 1, made from 100% towel material. Its 360gsm thin cotton fibres allow it to dry very quick after use. It has colour fast protection so it can be washed many times.
    WUDU SNOOD can be used by travelling Muslims in airports/services etc or in your local Masjid. A totally unique Islamic accessory that is practical, stylish and very comfortable to wear.

    We all know that ablution (wudu) is obligatory for all muslims, unfortunatley Masjids dont always have appropriate drying facilities. Not drying after ablution (wudu) can cause bad skin, feeling uncomfortable during Salah and can even cause colds and flu's in the colder seasons. For traveling muslims who do ablution (wudu) in services, airports, side of the road etc it can get very frustrating when you do not have a towel to use.

    Wudu Snood will solve all of these common problems Insha Allah!

    Wudu Snood is both practical and stylish.




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